La La Land (2016) – Honest Review

La La Land is something truly special, a film like this comes along once in a lifetime and it will have film lovers talking from now until the bitter end.

What can I say about this masterpiece that hasn’t already been said? Simply put, this is without a doubt the greatest musical ever produced for the screen, and with it Damien Chazelle maintains his spotless directorial record.

There are so many things to praise in this film, but I’ll start with its songs. There is not a bad song in this entire film, which is a rare thing in the world of musical cinema. The standouts are definitely the opening song “Another Day of Sun”, Emma Stone’s enchanting “Audition”, and the Oscar winning “City of Stars”. All are brilliantly written, and exquisitely performed by all those involved.

Then there’s the acting, here, the main praise goes to the two leads, Ryan Gosling is strangely charming as piano-man Sebastian, and Emma Stone’s portrayal of Mia is without a doubt the greatest of her career, earning her the much deserved recognition at the Academy Awards. The two have excellent chemistry, and the romance between them is incredible, all the while maintaining a safe distance from any deep emotional connections. While this has been criticised, I feel it adds depth to the characters, who are striving for their own goals, and it is this individual focus that is imperative to the story-telling process.

The direction too is something truly magnificent, and Chazelle’s beautiful, and tragic vision is clear throughout, with all roads leading elegantly to the films brutally real, and stunningly effective climax, which comes across as his own love letter to classic Hollywood.

In conclusion, La La Land is a must see, it is, simply put, magnificent, and I urge anyone with a passion for great story-telling to watch it immediately. This will forever be remembered as a film for those who love film, and no truer words than that were ever spoken.

I rate this film: 10/10