5 Criminally Underrated Matches You Can Find On The WWE Network.

The WWE Network makes it easier than ever for wrestling fans to see vast amounts of content from histories biggest wrestling promotion.

Everybody knows the classics, Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker from Wrestlemania 25, TLC 2 from Wrestlemania X-Seven, and CM Punk vs John Cena from Money In The Bank 2011, but there are so many more hidden gems available to anyone willing to look, or to those who remember them, but the point still stands nonetheless.

Here are five of those hidden gems.

Eddie Guerrero vs Chris Benoit – ECW One Night Stand (2005)


You wont find this one mentioned on TV anymore, for obvious reasons, but this match was technical wrestling at its finest. Eddie and Benoit proved here that they had some of the best in-ring chemistry in not only the history of WWE, but in the history of professional wrestling as a whole, while there was no championship gold on the line, or even a feud between the two, this matched proved to be the best of the night, withboth men paying on hell of a tribute to ECW on this one-off reunion classic.

CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan – Over The Limit (2012)


In this 2012 bout, WWE Champion CM Punk defended his titled against Daniel Bryan in an incredible match. The match represents so much more than great pro wrestling, it represents the journey of both men coming full-circle. Both were independent stars and both were told that they’d never be main event players, and yet here they were in a pay-per-view main event, in a match for the top championship in the WWE. Punk was on his way to becoming the longest reigning WWE Champion of recent times, Bryan was about to embark on the best three years of his career, and both were in their prime. The best in the world, and the king of the indies, what a match.

Paul London & Brian Kendrick vs The Hardys vs MNM vs William Regal & Dave Taylor – Armageddon (2006)


A four way tag team ladder match with the WWE Tag Team Championships on the line was often a guarantee for match of the night at any WWE event. This is one of the greatest tag title matches in WWE history, pitting the incredibly exciting champs London & Kendrick, against long time rivals MNM, the hard hitting technical combo of Regal & Taylor, and the legendary Hardys, with some truly incredible spots and a genuine sense of uncertainty, this is a real nail biter, if you don’t already know the result, you honestly have no clue who’s going to win. The one down side is the simply horrific injury suffered by Joey Mercury’s face during a botched ladder spot, regardless of that, the match is a classic and is a must see for ladder match fanatics.

Chris Benoit vs Kurt Angle – Wrestlemania X-Seven (2001)


Wrestlemania X-Seven had a couple of truly great matches on the card, including this hidden gem. Again, you wont find this one getting a mention on WWE television anytime soon, due to one certain Canadian participant, but this was very much the technical marvel of the night, showing off both men’s mat grappling talent, and cementing them as the two best wrestlers in the world at the time, the one let down is the slightly screwy finish, but because of the phenomenal display put on these amazing athletes, it is very easy to overlook. The two men were not only matched by colour of attire that night, they were matched with pure in-ring chemistry, and that is something that fans will not soon forget.

Paul London vs Billy Kidman – No Mercy (2004)


I apologise for the poor picture quality, this match is incredibly difficult to find a photo of. That is probably due to the fact that this is about as obscure as it gets when it comes to WWE matches. The cruiser-weight divison, exclusive to SmackDown at the time, was dominated by these two men at this particular point in time, this match is a great, but subtle display of high flying done well, there’s a simply beautiful springboard moonsault spot from London to Kidman, from the ropes to the outside, and some really impressive and very stiff kicks thrown by Kidman. Even with a short run time of ten minutes, you could tell that both men were putting their all into the performance, and it is just one of many matches that made the old SmackDown cruiser-weight division so great.

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WWE: Money In The Bank (2016) – Honest Review

Whilst WWE were trying to market this as the greatest Money In The Bank pay-per-view of all time, in what felt like an attempt to erase the 2011 instalment from the memories of fans, it was most certainly not the greatest. But that’s not saying that it was not a fairly decent show with some truly memorable moments. In this review I shall go through each match individually, in order to deliver a realistic verdict on the show as a whole.

And no, I won’t be reviewing the pre-show.

WWE Tag Team Championship Fatal-4-Way Match – The New Day(C) Vs The Club Vs The Vaudevillians Vs Enzo Amore & Collin Cassidy

This match got off to an impressive start, though the overall idea of a four-way tag match seemed like the recipe for a botch-fest. There were a few interesting moments, most notably from Enzo and Cass who, as they always do, steal the show. The problems in this match did manage to over-shadow anything good though, firstly The Club looked so out-of-place here, I’m not sure why that was, they looked just as comically ridiculous as the other three teams involved. There was some sort of stand-off between Big E and Big Cass with a fight that didn’t happen; this was confusing as it was hardly a much-anticipated showdown to begin with. Not to mention that the build-up to this four way confrontation had little to no story behind it, other than all the teams wanted the titles. But I think the worst part of the match by far was the ending in which Anderson, who was the legal man at the time, was taken down by The New Day, yet Aiden English was the man who was pinned for The New Day to pick up the victory. This was a terrible ending to a very mediocre contest.

Baron Corbin Vs Dolph Ziggler

In the 957th confrontation between these two, you really have to wonder, who really cares about this feud? Nobody is the answer you’re looking for.  Although, nobody cared about it to begin with so sun rise, sun set I suppose. Corbin got the win.

Charlotte & Dana Brooke Vs Natalya & Becky Lynch

There’s not much to say on this one either, other than the fact that Charlotte and Dana picked up the win. It also helped us learn that Becky Lynch is the stupidest woman in the WWE. Why, you may ask? Because this marked the third time in the space of a year that a trusted friend and tag team partner has turned on her. This was dreadful news, as not only are there very few face competitors left in the women’s division, but also because we now have to suffer through another horrific Natalya heel run, just adding to the list of reasons not to watch Raw on a Monday night.

Apollo Crews Vs Sheamus

The third dud in a row, Apollo went over as he should have but it seems as though we have Corbin/Ziggler version two on the horizon here, and that is a truly sickening prospect to the average wrestling fan.

 Aj Styles Vs John Cena

This match was the redeemer of the evening so far. After three boring affairs we were treated to this absolute gem as WWE’s top man and TNA’s top man battled in what was probably the most anticipated clash of the last decade. Both men wrestled well, although Styles lived up to his claim and eventually began to wrestle rings around Cena. There was a seemingly dangerous moment though, as Cena came inches from a broken neck in a very narrowly avoided botch of Styles’ signature Styles Clash. This aside, the match proved that WWE really does have the potential to be taken seriously as a technical promotion, or at least it would’ve been if it hadn’t been for the ending. WWE refusing to let Aj Styles go over clean, The Club had to interfere and take Cena down for him. This let the whole match down in my opinion, but still, Styles went over, every cloud, eh?

Money In The Bank Ladder Match – Cesaro Vs Kevin Owens Vs Sami Zayn Vs Alberto Del Rio Vs Chris Jericho Vs Dean Ambrose

The ladder match was defiantly the match of the night, all the men involved performed very well. The best of which being Alberto Del Rio, who in my opinion was pulling out all the stops to portray himself as a big time, main event worthy player, his double foot stomp off the ladder was a thing of beauty and he seemed to me to be the strongest performer in the match.
As all ladder matches do, this match had many spots, including an absolute treat from Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens in which Owens’ back was buckled over a ladder in a moment so realistic my own spine actually began to ache. Eventually, it would come to pass that Dean Ambrose would capture the briefcase, guaranteeing him an opportunity for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, any time, any place, it felt like this was a long time coming for Dean Ambrose and it was rewarding to see him capture the case.

United States Championship Match – Rusev(C) Vs Titus O’Neil

There was not a great deal to say about this, going into the match it was un-realistic that Titus had any chance whatsoever of winning, considering that WWE are only just starting to re-establish Rusev as a major, unstoppable heel once again. That being said, they were also trying desperately trying to legitimise Titus as a serious singles competitor having him stand up to Rusev relatively well, but ultimately being put away by the Bulgarian Brute. This match felt like it was stretched out to fill space more than anything and it was an easily forgettable affair.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match – Roman Reigns(C) Vs Seth Rollins

Let me start by saying that the pre-match video package was sublime and it outlined the roots of the rivalry excellently, really helping to re-enforce the fact that this match was two years in the making. However, the match got off to a very slow start, with neither man seeming to want to make the first move. It did get a little more interesting as time went on but the match was hardly anything to rave about, there was an interesting spot in which Roman took a hard bump against the crowd barrier but as far as spots go that was pretty much it. The interesting thing about this match was that Rollins, for the most part wrestled face whilst Reigns seemed to be wrestling heel, WWE had the potential to pull off the legendary double turn, but alas it will go down as a wasted opportunity. The match had a superb ending to save it from its mediocrity, as Rollins countered the spear into the pedigree, eventually going over clean, this came as a surprise as Roman is widely considered to be one of the most protected performers in the company today. Rollins victory was not cut and dry though, as Dean Ambrose’ music hits and fakes out Rollins, coming from behind, clocking Seth in the back of the head with the case and proceeding to cash it in.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match – Seth Rollins(C) Vs Dean Ambrose

This one was over quick, Ambrose hits dirty deeds and puts Rollins down for the one, two, three, and just like that Dean Ambrose’ career comes full circle in a superb booking choice, having all three former Shield members hold the WWE’s most prestigious championship in the same night. Ambrose has deserved this title reign for so long and nobody can deny that this victory was long overdue.


While this pay-per-view had some undeniably great moments, it also had just as many bad moments, meaning that its overall rating is limited. Based on this, my overall rating for this pay-per-view is: 7/10