5 Festive Sitcom Specials Guaranteed To Bring Christmas Cheer

Television and Christmas go hand in hand, it seems that there are an endless amount of specials from the sitcoms we all know and love. It seems a real shame to go though the Christmas season without watching at least one of these festive treats, and here are five of the best.

The Simpsons: Season 23 Episode 9 = “Holidays of Future Passed”


I’ll be honest, it’s very rare that a later season of The Simpsons delivers an episode worth remembering, but in the case of this festive special, they have succeeded in leaps and bounds. Focusing on the families future, in which Lisa has a degenerative daughter, Bart is a divorced deadbeat Dad, Maggie is a pregnant international singing star, and Homer quits drinking. While there are a lot of laughs, there are a lot of fundamental heart warming moments that reminds us all why The Simpsons was so popular to begin with, and why it has lasted as long as it has. A true modern classic.

Frasier: Season 3 Episode 9 – “Frasier Grinch”


In this episode, everyone’s favourite radio psychiatrist is excited to have his son fly in to spend Christmas with him, but all looks to be in peril when Frasier receives the wrong package on Christmas Eve. The episode is packed with some great moments, including Niles being cut off by Maris, Martin going a little too far when decorating the apartment, and Bulldog arranging a little “surprise” for Frasier on his last broadcast of the year. The episode is a laugh a minute in the best way and that is exactly what earned it its  place on this list.

Family Guy: Season 9 Episode 7 – “Road to the North Pole”


Family Guy are no stranger to seasonal specials, but this one is the granddaddy of them all. The 45 minute episode sees Stewie in a desperate attempt to hunt down and kill Santa. Brian accompanies him all the way to the North Pole but when they get there they see the shock truth, Santa is sick, overworked an suicidal, the reindeer are feral creatures with a blood lust for elf flesh, and the elves are inbred to the point of disability. It’s very dark but its very funny, and it has a nice message about greed at Christmas time that I think we can all learn from.

Two and a Half Men: Season 4 Episode 11 – “Walnuts and Demerol”


It’s Christmas Eve with the Harper family and Charlie has a very special evening planned with his new lady friend. But true to the shows fashion, it all goes down hill very quickly, Alan, Jake, and Berta fail to leave, Kandi arrives not wanting to spend Christmas alone, Judith and Herb show up with marital troubles, Rose is not long behind and before he knows it, Charlie has an unwanted Christmas party on his hands. Evelyn then arrives with some truly shocking news which leads to an odd Christmas miracle occurring. This is not only the shows best festive special, but its also one of the best episodes in the shows history.

Extras: Series 2 Episode 7 – “The Extra Special Series Finale”


Finally, we have the ending to the BBC sitcom Extras. This one less like a Christmas special and more like a TV movie, as life goes downhill for Andy Millman (Ricky Gervais) after he quits his sitcom to go onto bigger and better things, he fails. His friend Maggy finds herself miserable in a cleaning job, and his agent Darren finds himself working in Carphone Warehouse with Barry from Eastenders and Dean Gaffney. With guest stars like David Tennant, Gordan Ramsey, George Michael, and Clive Owen, there’s no shortage of reasons to check out this hilarious special over the holiday season.

Did I miss any out? Was your favourite festive sitcom special left off the list? Have a list idea or review request? Drop it in the comments or go through the blog’s contact page.

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6 Films That Are Perfect For Christmas Eve Viewing

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, or so the songs says. Don’t get me wrong, it’s true, but not just for all that noise about “love & togetherness”, this is the one time of year when you can put on some of your cinematic festive favourites without care of judgement, and what better time to watch one than Christmas Eve?
Well with that in mind, here are six films that are guaranteed to put you in the festive spirit on the night before Christmas.

The Santa Clause (1994)


If you were born in the 90’s, chances are you’ve seen this movie. I remember many a Christmas in primary school, the teachers would cram us all into a crowded classroom, sit us on the hard, uncomfortable floor and show us this film on a TV smaller than most phone screens today. Tim Allen plays the protagonist, Scott Calvin, who becomes Santa Claus after accidentally murdering the old one, which is the cornerstone of most family entertainment I suppose. Calvin spends the film struggling with the weight gain that goes hand in hand with the job, the facial hair that he just can’t get rid of, and the authorities who want to take him away from his son because they think he’s crazy. It’s packed to the brim with Christmas cheer and will certainly get you in the spirit of the season.

 Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium (2007)


While not strictly a Christmas film, Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium is a holiday favourite of mine. Dustin Hoffman takes the helm as Mr Magorium himself, the ancient owner of a magical toy store. The film is heart warming, magical, and sweetly funny, and without spoiling it for you, you will cry, simple as that. But anyway, tears aside, this is a true classic in my opinion, and I urge anyone who has not yet seen it, to see it immediately, and with Christmas Eve just around the corner, you find yourselves with the perfect opportunity to enjoy this hidden gem.

Krampus (2015)


One for the adults now, as Krampus and his twisted minions slither their way down your chimney. This holiday horror comes from the same mind that brought you Trick’R’Treat, and by all estimations it was supposed to fail. Initially set for a straight to DVD release, the film managed to earn a wide release and did wonderfully at the box office. Despite getting mixed reviews from critics, Krampus is a modern classic, following a disfunctional family, who are brought together when the Christmas demon is summoned to their house. There are laughs, scares, and a true family message all packed into this, and if you don’t mind getting a few chills on Christmas Eve, then this is the film for you.

The Polar Express (2004)


Although it attained mixed reviews, The Polar Express is somewhat of a masterpiece. Coming to the big screen in 2004, the films stars Tom Hanks in a plethora of roles, and it centres around a group of kids on a magical train ride to the North Pole. Even though this film came out in 2004, the animation still looks incredible today. Not only that, but the film mixes intensity, subtle humour, and Christmas cheer in a way that’s so vitally seamless that anyone of any age can see this instant classic and enjoy it. The magic this film projects is the perfect thing to get the kids off to a sound sleep on Christmas Eve, and enough to rise that special warm feeling in the bellies of adults, a must watch for fans of animation and Christmas alike.

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone (2001)


Again, this is not strictly a Christmas film, but it is a staple of Christmas Eve in the UK. This may just be British bias talking, but a Christmas without the first instalment in this series just doesn’t feel like Christmas. While the film is far from perfect, it certainly is the most magical of the lot, with a snowy Christmas sequence that would put most actual holiday movies to shame. Any time is a good time to watch an epic fantasy series like Harry Potter, but the first film, in the eyes of some many British people, will have a special place on Christmas Eve.

The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992)


We end this list with a true festive favourite of generations upon generations. No matter how old you are, you have to appreciate the quality of Brian Henson’s 1992 Muppet masterpiece. Probably my favourite adaption of the Dickens novel, the film follows Charles Dickens himself, played by Gonzo, as he tells his iconic story. Scrooge is played to perfection by Michael Caine, and the whole Muppet cast never fails to bring a smile to my face. With catchy songs, great set design, and wonderful puppeteer work, its not hard to see why I’ve included this film on the list. So gather round, put this on your TV, and I guarantee the whole family will be off to bed on Christmas Eve with smiles on their faces, and songs stuck in their heads.

Did I miss any out? Was your favourite Christmas Eve film left at the bottom of the sack? Have a list idea or a review request? Drop them in the comments section or go throught the blog’s contact page.

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Top 10 Worst Divas/Women’s Champions In WWE History

This Sunday at WWE’s Hell In A Cell pay-per-view, Sasha Banks and Charlotte are going to create history by being the first women in history to compete inside Hell In A Cell, and it is wonderful to look at women’s wrestling and see how far it has come. Of course it wasn’t always this way, and WWE fans have been subject to some truly dreadful female champions over the years, and here are ThePowerReviews ten picks for the worst ever.

10) Nikki Bella


It is true that Nikki Bella has improved in the ring, but that does not save her from inclusion on this list. Her first title reign came at a time when WWE’s women’s division was more or less irrelevant, nevertheless the reign was utterly forgettable to say the least. But it is her second reign that has earned her the place on this list, many believe that Nikki was only given the title in the first place as an attempt to spite Aj Lee, and the same people believe that this was almost certainly the reason that she held the title for such a long amount of time, breaking Lee’s record as longest reigning champion in the process. Others Bella sceptics believe she was given the title purely due to the success of reality show Total Divas, that many still believe portrays the world of womens wrestling in a painfully unrealistic fashion.

 9) Alicia Fox


Now I’m not going to rail on this one too hard, as Fox was the first black Divas Champion and that is incredibly progressive, but at the time, Fox was simply the wrong choice, as it is arguable that Gail Kim should’ve walked away with the title on the night of Fox’s title victory. This was not helped by the fact that at the time, Fox was still very green, and honestly had very little to offer to the dying division. Thankfully Fox has come on leaps and bounds since then, and can pull off one of, if not the finest Norther Lights Suplex I have ever seen.

8) Layla


Layla debuted as part of Extreme Expose on WWE’s ECW reboot, and spoiler alert, she’s not the only one on this list to have done so. She had a reasonable amount of title success in her time with WWE, but for me, the Lay-Cool “piggy James” story-line was enough to kill her character for me during her co-women’s title reign with Michelle McCool, however McCool will not make this list, as she actually went on to become a fairly decent performer. The cruel story-line made it simply impossible to ever take Layla seriously again, which made her run with the Divas title that much more unbearable.

7) Brie Bella


A great woman once said “talent is not sexually transmitted”, and that is certainly the case with Brie Bella, as she shares little-to-none of her bearded husbands glorious talents. What may surprise some people is that Brie captured the title before her twin sister, whats more surprising is that she even won the belt at all. Most people do not even remember her reign, and for good reason, it was one of the most forgettable and meaningless title reigns in perhaps the most forgettable and meaningless periods in women’s wrestling. While Brie did improve vastly in the later years of her career, it is not even to keep her lacklustre run with the butterfly strap off this list.

6) The Kat


Whether you remember her as The Kat, or Miss Kitty it’s safe to say that you don’t remember her ever holding the belt. The Women’s Championship was always supposed to be seen as the more serious of WWE’s female titles in the eyes of the fans, but that theory goes straight out the window when you remember that Stacy Carter won the title in a four corners evening gown pool match. The only reason she isn’t placed higher in the list is the sheer irrelevance of her title reign, and as brutal as that may sound, it is undeniably true.

5) Kelly Kelly


It annoys me that Kelly Kelly got over as much as she did, despite not having any real talent for wrestling at all. She started in the ECW reboot as a literal stripper and built a roaring fan-base of hormonal teenage boys and and sweaty middle aged men. Said fan-base got her such a good reception that she was smashed over and given a Divas championship reign, even besting the simply excellent Beth Phoenix during her tenure with the company. Kelly embodies everything that was wrong with the direction of women’s wrestling and above all else, that has earned her a place on the list.

4) Deborah


The most annoying thing about Deborah as champion was that she was great as a manger, her underhanded tactics as the right hand woman of Jeff Jarrett always generated a great deal of heat. But unfortunately, she was young, blonde, and was not short in the chest department, and this was the only criteria you needed to wrestle in the WWE women’s division in the late 90’s. Deborah would eventually return to management, both as a heel, and later as a face as manager of Stone Cold Steve Austin, who was her real life husband at the time, but those of us who were unfortunate enough to witness her in-ring championship endeavours certainly know that she was far from a mat technician.

3) Sable


In at number three on this list is the real life wife of angry, destructive, man-planet, Brock Lesnar. A lot of Attitude Era fans remember Sable as somewhat of a pioneer for women’s wrestling, but that could not be further from the truth, in fact, I would say that Sable set women’s wrestling back more than anyone. She was the original Playboy Diva, posing on two separate occasions, and paving the way for a generation of talent-less lingerie models, posing as wrestlers. Couple that with the fact that her in ring work was dreadful, constantly looking worried about taking the slightest bump, and the fact that she ruined her former husband Marc Mero’s career, and its not hard to see why Sable comes in so high on this list.

2) Harvey Wippleman


Yes that’s right, for those of you who do not know, MALE manager Harvey Wippleman actually won the WWE Women’s Championship. It does not matter in the slightest that he was in drag when he won it, and it does not matter that he ended The Kat’s title run to achieve it, this is quite honestly just about as low as you can possibly sink in the booking of the women’s division and it would be number one on this list, if it was not for my pure disdain for the top pick.

1) Stephanie McMahon


Here it is, the top pick, and who else could it be? Let me start by saying that Stephanie McMahon is not a wrestler, she has never been a wrestler, she has never learned to wrestle even slightly well and there is no way she would be involved in the industry if her father didn’t own the largest wrestling promotion in the world. Now obviously Stephanie works hard behind the scenes, and I can respect a good work ethic, but it is a very different story when it comes to her in-ring work. She held the Women’s Championship for months on end, despite not actually being able to wrestle at all, and I could’ve put that behind me if she was in any way entertaining during her reign, as her brother Shane often was when he would capture championship gold, however she was not, and she did very little for the title other than robbing it of value, and to be perfectly honest, at that point in time, it didn’t have that much value left to lose.

Did I leave any out? Did your pick for the worst female champion in WWE history miss out on a place? Have a review, list, or countdown request? Drop it in the comment section or go through the blog’s contact page!

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Top 10 Most Terrifying TV Villains

TV has some truly great villains, whether they are deceptive, disrespectful, or just plain psychotic, they are a huge part of the shows we all know and love, and nothing makes a better villain than having the ability to strike knee weakening, teeth chattering levels of fear, and here are ten of ThePowerReviews favourites. Please remember that this list is purely a matter of opinion, and is obviously going to be somewhat subjective to others.

Oh and just to warn you, there are obviosuly going to be some spoilers along the way.

10) Felicia Tilman – Desperate Housewives


Now before you judge, just hear me out. This woman is the definition of psychopath, she was insistent on uncovering her sisters killer, and was relentless in her pursuit to do so. Doesn’t sound too bad, right? Well in order to ensure he went to prison, she severed two of her fingers and faked her own death, leaving them at the scene of a supposed crime. When she was rumbled several seasons later, she forced her only daughter in to secretly marrying the man, which led to said daughters accidental death. Not content with these two failures, she began poisoning his food with anti-freeze whilst he was vulnerable and grieving for his wife. She also attempted to murder Terri Hatcher’s character, Susan Delphino, in the process. Tilman met her end at the hands of a truck, as her car collided head-on with the much heavier vehicle after she became distracted behind the wheel.

9) Sideshow Bob – The Simpsons


This one is equal parts hilarious and terrifying, but seriously, think about it, this man’s entire life revolves around trying to murder a ten year old child. He has attempted to murder said ten year old, and his family on several occasions, he has tried to frame his former boss for armed robbery, his family are all equally as crazy, and equally as bloodthirsty, and perhaps the most terrifying, he always seems to find a way out of jail. Luckily for Bart Simpson though, Bob will never kill him, because as the most recent addition to the Treehouse Of Horror has proven, he cannot exist without him, and as he once proclaimed, he’s grown a custom to his face. But still, you can’t help but feel a little freaked out during Bob’s iconic pursuit of Bart in the shows “Cape Feare” episode.

8) Ghostface – Scream: The TV Series


Technically this is three different people, but they all portray the same killer, so its going on the list. Fans of the Scream movie franchise will know just how terrifying the killer is, regardless of who is behind the mask, and the TV series is no different. The phone calls, the drawn-out stalking, the mind games, and the signature knife are just some of the things that contribute to the pure fear that comes with Ghostface. While the mask may have changed from the franchise’ movie heyday, the TV series takes a different approach to its origins, making it that of serial killer Brandon James, who is a big part of what motivates the ones behind the mask.

7) Negan – The Walking Dead


Now Negan has not been on the show all that long, which is why he isn’t higher on the list, but fans of the comic will know just what he’s capable of, and just what viewers of the show may be in store for. The opening of the shows seventh season alone is enough to earn him a place on this list, whether it be for smashing the skulls of two beloved characters, or for trying to force Rick into cutting his sons arm off, we truly saw just what kind of person Negan is. This is only emphasised by the little ride he and Rick embark on, the whole “get my axe” sequence helped cement just how much control Negan already has over the survivors, and I have a feeling that Lucille will claim a few more victims before this leather-clad bad guy is through.

6) Ramsey Bolton – Game Of Thrones


What can i say about Ramsey Bolton? The man is pure evil, in every sense of the word. His eyes literally light up when the opportunity of inflicting pain arises. He is a serial killer, a rapist, a mutilator, and an expert in torture. He loves inflicting misery on just about anyone and his skills as a master huntsman only make him that much more dangerous. In his time, Ramsey has robbed Theon of his manhood, raped Sansa Stark on their wedding night, murdered his own father, and impaled Rickon Stark in front of his brother. He represents the dark side of the human race, and in times of moral dilemma, you can ask yourself “would Ramsey do this?” and if the answer is yes, then it is almost certainly a terrible thing to do.

5) Red John – The Mentalist


Now I don’t know a great deal about The Mentalist, but what I do know is that the shows main antagonist is somewhat of a terrifying bastard. Red John is responsible for the murder of Patrick Jane’s family, Mr Jane then makes it his mission in life to bring the crazed killer down. But that task is easier said than done, as Red John proves to be more allusive than a greased weasel, escaping Jane at every turn, and adding to his list of victims every step of the way. This is is made even more terrifying by the signature smiling face he leaves at the scene of all his crimes, as somewhat of a calling card, or perhaps a taunt to the authorities that he so easily avoids. What may be more disturbing is that Patrick Jane is seemingly consumed by the chase, and sees Red John as his intellectual equal, and the game of cat and mouse could not end until one of them met their demise.

4) Bloodyface – American Horror Story: Asylum


Bloodyface is a serial killer spanning two generations, the first generation was Dr Oliver Thredson, a psychiatrist at Briarcliff Mental Asylum with a disturbing love of crafting furniture out of human skin and bones, whats worse though, is that he was the one you least suspected to be behind the mask, and that made it all the more impact during the reveal, as he kidnaps Lana Winters, locks her in his dungeon and rapes her repeatedly. The second generation of the killer is the illegitimate child of that rape, yes, i know, this is bloody horrible, anyway, Lana and Oliver’s illegitimate rape child Johnny Morgan puts on the mask in order to carry on his fathers legacy and hunt down the mother who abandoned him, trust me, if you haven’t seen this, it makes for some pretty disturbing television, and it is undeniably terrifying.

3) The Night King – Game Of Thrones


The scariest thing about this icy customer is the impending sense of doom he brings with him. We have been waiting for The Night King and his unrelenting army of the un-dead to reach Westeros for season after season of Game Of Thrones, but after the shows most recent season, it looks like the White Walkers are finally ready to do battle with all the characters we’ve come to know and love, and at this point you have to wonder, what can stop them? Okay, yes, probably dragons, but I wouldn’t put all my eggs into one basket if I were you, Game Of Thrones is no stranger to throwing curve-balls at its viewers, and many fans are already speculating that the show will just end with the frosty army of the dead consuming the land. Let’s hope that it just remains a mere theory, because that would be bloody depressing.

2) The 456 – Torchwood


The 456 are a particularly nasty breed of alien featured heavily in the third series of the BBC’s Doctor Who spin-off, Torchwood. In the series, entitled “The Children of Earth”, The 456 assume control over the worlds children, making them chant “we are coming” ominously, over and over again until they eventually arrive. After their arrival, it is found out that they intend to take the world children, and drain them of life in an attempt to get high, yes, that’s right, human children were a drug to them, that is honestly terrifying. It’s safe to say that these three headed monsters won’t be making an apprentice on the very PG Doctor Who any time soon.

1) Russell Edgington  – True Blood


This 3000 year old vampire is simply terrifying, not only is he so strong that it is all-but impossible to kill him in combat, but he also has a burning hatred for mankind. At first he is simply power hungry, attempting to take blood of Sookie Stackhouse, and overthrow the vampire authority, but after the death of his husband Talbot, Russell takes things to the next level. He finds his way to an American news station, and pulls a mans spine out live on TV, before delivering a haunting speech on why he hates humans, setting the shows vampire rights movement back for years to come. When he is defeated the first time, he is encased in concrete, but he was released. Edgington would eventually overthrow the vampire authority, but allowed his insanity to get the better of him. In an attempt to kill Sookie Stackhouse for her blood, he became weakened, and met his faith at the hands of Eric Northman. Regardless of his demise, Russell will forever go down as one of TV’s greatest vampires, and is my pick for scariest TV villain of all time.

Did I leave out your favourite terrifying villain? Would you have written the list differently? Have a review request, list, or countdown idea? Drop it in the comment section or send it through the blogs contact page.

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5 Sitcom Characters That Consistently Stole The Show

The situation comedy is a sub-genre that I can confidently say will never die. There’s something so satisfying about seeing a host of lovable characters live out their fictional lives, and sometimes, a character comes along that is a cut above the rest, one that you look forward to seeing every episode, one that never fail to leave you in hysterics, and one that will remain in your memory long after their show has ended, and here are five of those characters.

Phil Dunphy – Modern Family

Phil Dunphy.jpg

The whole cast of ABC’s Modern Family is simply wonderful, so it is difficult to pick just one of its many characters to add to this list, but it just feels right that Phil should be the one chosen. He is consistently positive, upbeat, and loving towards his family, and his happy-go-lucky, dimwitted attitude is enough to keep us loving this forty-something, father of three. Ty Burrell’s two Emmy awards are enough to stand testament to just how great a character that Phillip Humphrey Dunphy truly is, and it’s impossible to imagine Modern Family without him.

Grandad – Only Fools & Horses


With absolutely no disrespect to Buster Merryfield’s Uncle Albert, he nearly made the list in his own right, but it is his predecessor, Grandad, who truly steals the show. The hilariously incompetent grandfather of Del Boy & Rodney, Grandad is always on hand to offer advice to his grandsons, whether it be a tale from the misfortune of his youth, or information he’s learned on his journey through life, but one thing is for sure, when Grandad tells a story, you can guarantee a loud fit of laughter will follow. Played excellently by Lennard Pearce, Grandad unfortunately only lasted until series three of the show, as the talented Mr Pearce passed away in real life. One can only imagine what hilarity might have been had he lived to be a part of some of the later episodes.

Brian Potter – Peter Kay’s Phoenix Nights


Peter Kay’s Phoenix Nights is honestly one of my favourite TV shows of all time, it is the pinnacle of British comedy in my personal opinion, and that’s thanks in no small part to the shows protagonist, the wheelchair-bound, foul-mouthed, working men’s club owner, Brian Potter. Potter is without a doubt one of the best comedy characters ever created, we see his patience and sanity tested as he tries to keep the Bolton-based Phoenix Club up and running. Kay’s performance utilises a perfect combination of comedic timing and excellent swearing, and the character would be a standout in any show. Even, on several occasions, eclipsing the shows ultra-popular security guard combination of Max & Paddy, who would go on to star in their own spin-off.

Tracy Jordan – 30 Rock


30 Rock is one of the most re-watchable comedies ever made, it is a shining example for all American sitcom producers to follow and it will never stop being funny. The highlight of this American comedy masterpiece is without a doubt the mentally unstable comedy actor, Tracy Jordan. Portrayed on the show by Tracy Morgan, the star of the fictional show TGS is funny in just about every way, from his interactions with his entourage, his completely random and utterly side-splitting one-liners, to his zany and lovable friendship with NBC Page, Kenneth Parcell. Tracy Jordan is a character that you look forward to seeing, and quite frankly it’s a crime that he hasn’t been given his own spin-off show yet, because I think i speak for all 30 Rock fans when I say that we’d love to see more of this utterly hilarious man.

Dr Niles Crane – Frasier


You cannot talk about show-stealing sitcom characters without mentioning Niles Crane. The more socially awkward of the Crane brother, Niles’ character trumps that of his brother, Frasier, in almost every way. Niles is witty, intelligent, sharp, and utterly useless in a great deal of social situations, but you cannot help but route for him as the show progresses. You want him to win Daphne over, and you want him to outshine Frasier whenever the two are in competition. David Hyde Pierce’s Emmy winning performance will forever go down as one of the all time greats, and it’s truly difficult to think of a character  who’s more deserving than Dr Niles Crane.

Was your favourite show-stealing sitcom character missed out? Any on the list you disagree with? Have a list idea or review request? Drop them in the comments or send them through the contact page on the blog.

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How I would write an episode of Monday Night RAW.

Filling three hours of television time is no easy task, especially on a weekly basis. But if anyone can do it, it’s WWE, the international juggernaut of pro wrestling, known worldwide for providing entertainment for millions…or at least they used to be, which is saddening because the roster of their flagship show, Monday Night RAW, is perhaps the most talent packed in the shows history. So here is how I would structure an episode, attempting to get the most out of the three hours at my disposal. I will try to base my it all on current feuds and rivalries. Commercials during matches will not be documented.

0 – 10 minutes – Cruiserweight match

To start us off, action from the cruiserwight division, this is an old WCW Monday Nitro trick, start off with fast-paced, high octane action. Anyone from the division would suffice in this segment, but preferably the champion should be showcased. In a tag team match, a triple threat, or even a singles match.

10 minutes – 20 minutes – Seth Rollins mic time

Seth Rollins will one day be the face of the WWE, so it is of paramount importance that he has the first piece of mic time on the show, it was done with Austin & The Rock back in the Attitude Era, and it was a big help in cementing them as the top stars. Have Rollins come out and bad-mouth Kevin Owens, Stephanie, & Triple H. Chris Jericho interrupts does his whole “stupid idiot” shtick and Mick Foley comes out and makes the match, Owens and Jericho vs Rollins and a partner of his choosing. Suddenly, Kevin Owens appears behind Rollins in the ring and gives him the pop-up powerbomb. He and Jericho leave.

5 minute commercial break

25 minutes – 35 minutes – Braun Strowman vs Darren Young

Braun Strowman comes to the ring and refuses to compete against two local jobbers. He stands in the ring and refuses to move until he gets real competition, he attempts to grab ring announcer JoJo. As she recoils in terror as shes blocked into the corner, Darren Youngs music hits and he runs to the ring flanked by Bob Backland. Darren enters the ring and the bell rings, Strowman destroys him and pins him. After the match, he continues his destruction, Backland tries to help Young and he is utterly wrecked, Braun continues to utterly pummel the two. he then leaves after generating some great heel heat.

35 minutes – 40 minutes – Seth Rollins backstage

Seth Rollins is seen walking backstage, he is visibly annoyed he storms though the backstage area until he is stopped by Neville, who agrees to be his partner for the main event, he claims he’s had just about enough of seeing Jericho strut around with his little list. The two shake hands and walk off in different directions.

40 minutes – 55 minutes – Bayley vs Charlotte & Dana Brooke

This will keep the audience focus as the first hour of the show ends, with the deck being stacked against Bayley, and while Charlotte is present, she allows Dana to wrestle most of the match, but Charlotte constantly interferes, playing mind games with Bayley. Bayley picks up the win, but Charlotte gets on the mic after the match and sends a message to Sasha, giving her own prodigy Dana Brooke, a huge big boot just to make a statement, and to punish her for taking the pinfall.

5 minute commercial break

60 minutes – 80 minutes – Enzo & Cass promo segment

Enzo & Cass arrive in the ring, they do their whole “SAWFT” gimmick and begin to talk about how they’ve been overlooked for a tag title shot, they are interrupted by Gallows and Anderson who say that they have been robbed of the titles in every challenge they have made, and insist that they receive one more shot. At which point, Sheamus’ music hits, he is walking down the ramp and he is interrupted by Cesaro, who says that although he may not like it, he and Sheamus earned the right to a title shot. The three teams are arguing in the ring and the New Day’s music hits, the champs come down to the ring, deal an insult to each of the other teams, and a brawl ensues. They are interrupted by Mick Foley who tells them to stop. He says that while Sheamus and Cesaro are the actual number one contenders, all the teams better learn to co-exist, because they will be representing RAW in the 10 tag team elimination match at survivor series, the teams all look around at each other, shocked.

80 minutes – 85 minutes – Kevin Owens & Chris Jericho backstage segment

Jericho tells Owens that Neville is Rollins’ partner for the night, and says that he’s been officially added to the list for badmouthing the list. The two men mock Neville, after the joking is done, Jericho asks when he will get his title shot, considering the two are close friends and he believes he deserves one, Owens re-assures him that he hasn’t forgotten about him and that he’ll get exactly what he deserves. Jericho thanks him, and the two men share a manly hug.

90 minutes – 100 minutes – Sami Zayn vs Titus O’Neil

Titus beats down Sami for most of the match, constantly talking smack throughout, but he gets too cocky, makes a few mistakes and Sami hands his ass to him. This is important because in recent weeks, Zayn has fallen off the radar, and a win over a a big muscular heel like Titus re-establishes that Sami is not a force to be taken lightly.

100 minutes – 105 minutes – Golden Truth in Foley’s office

The Golden Truth complain to Mick Foley, they are upset as they believe they have been left out of the Survivor Series match, they are rambling and jabbering and it is clear that Foley is growing tired of this, so he tells them that if they were capable of counting, they’d realise there was one spot left on the RAW side of things, and says they’re in, the two leave the room as Foley shakes his head.

105 minutes – 115 minutes – Sasha Banks vs Alicia Fox

Yeah, yeah, I know, hear me out, I think its important for the Women’s champion to gain a victory on RAW, and i believe it should be a drawn out, technical domination, have Sasha out-wrestle Fox and make a fool out of her for 10 minutes, really paint her to be technical wizard she is. She couldn’t believably shame Bayley or Charlotte, but it makes sense to sacrifice Fox as she hasn’t really had any momentum since the breakup of Team Bella.

5 minute commercial break

120 minutes – 125 minutes – Nia Jax vs Summer Rae

Nia Jax has a squash match against Summer Rae, she completely wrecks her, and then puts her through the announce table after the match. This continues Nia’s dominant run and gives Summer a much needed television appearance.

125 minutes – 145 minutes – Roman Reigns vs Rusev – United States Title Match

Rusev gets one more rematch for the title, the two battle for around 20 minutes, it is a hard hitting brawl, Rusev just cannot put Reigns away, Lana is ejected from ringside, Rusev protests, as he is distracted he turns around into the spear. Reigns pins him and leaves. Rusev rants and screams as he walks away from the ring.

5 minute commercial break

150 minutes – 155 minutes – Tom Phillips interviewing Sami Zayn

Tom Phillips interviews Sami Zayn, Sami says that he believes that after his victory over Titus O’Neil, he deserves a title shot. Out of nowhere, Tom Phillips is superkicked by Rusev, who goes on to assault Sami, Lana walks onto the screen, looks down the camera and states that Rusev will be the next United States Champion, setting up a three way angle between Zayn, Rusev, and Reigns for the championship to be played out in the coming weeks.

155 minutes – 160 minutes – Goldberg Accepts

Michael Cole and the commentary team are on the screen, they address the breaking news that Bill Goldberg will be on RAW next week to personally accept Brock Lesnar’s challenge, and that he invites Brock Lesnar to join him, if he’s man enough to stop hiding behind Paul Heyman.

5 minute commercial break

165 minutes – 180 minutes – Seth Rollins & Neville vs Jericho & Owens – Main Event

Jericho wrestles this entire match, Rollins wears him down throughout, as does Neville, but he gives back as good as he gets. Jericho finally gets to Owens to make the tag, at which point, Owens jumps down off the apron and grabs a mic and his title. He starts to make his way up the ramp, Jericho turns around into the pedigree, followed by the red arrow, Neville makes the pinfall. Jericho is knocked out. Owens holds up the title and goes on the mic. He says he’s a prizefighter, and from now on, he’ll only fight with the title on the line. Owens reminds Jericho that he told him that he’d get exactly what he deserved. The show ends as a groggy Jericho tries to make it back to his feet.

So, how did I do? Did I write better than WWE creative, or do I need to improve? Let me know what you thought in the comment section below, and if you have a request, either drop it in the comments or go through the blogs contact page, and remember to follow ThePowerReviews to see more content like this!


5 Horror TV Shows To Watch During The Build-Up To Halloween.

Halloween is about a month and a half away, meaning that this is the perfect time to start one of the gruesome, scary, and fearsome horror TV classics to get you in the mood for the hallows.

There have been many horror shows to grace our screens over the years, covering all from the supernatural, to alien abduction, to murder mystery, there has always been something for all horror fans to become immersed in.

And here are five shows that are guaranteed to get you excited for the festivities.

True Blood


This HBO vampire series is so much more than it may seem. Starring Oscar winner Anna Paquin (The Piano), Stephen Moyer (Concussion), and Alexander Skarsgard (The Legend Of Tarzan) among others, this hit show ran for seven years and boasted a Golden Globe win and several other Primetime Emmy nominations. Based on a series of novels by Charlaine Harris, the series follows telepathic waitress Sookie Stackhouse (Paquin), as she falls in love with pale, overly polite, vampire man, Bill Compton (Moyer). The show will take you on an emotional ride as it follows its host of lovable characters as they are tested by the the supernatural world. With not only vampires, but the likes of werewolves, shape-shifters, and demons  all present, this show is witty, seductive, violent, and sometimes emotional, and when you reach its conclusion, it will leave you wanting more. Oh, and it just so happens to have what is, in my opinion, the greatest opening sequence in TV history.

Scream – The TV Series


Based on Wes Cravens slasher film franchise of the same name, I was sceptical at first of how this show would fare, mostly as it was being produced by MTV, the same people who bring us reprehensible tripe like Ex On The Beach. But I am delighted to say I was pleasantly surprised when this fun and exciting series hit our screens in 2015. Much like the films, the series follows the basic premise of a teenage girl and her friends, ruthlessly being hunted by an unknown assailant. Emma Duval (Willa Fitzgerald) and the other Teenagers of Lakewood must find out who is behind the killings, viral videos, and threatening phone calls before time runs out for them all. This ultra-modern show has action, romance, excitement, and a gripping story-line and it is a must see for fans of the slasher genre.

The Living And The Dead


This six part BBC series from the creator of popular police drama Life On Mars is the shortest of all the shows on the list. The series is certainly one for fans of period-drama, but also incorporates huge elements of the supernatural. Starring Colin Morgan (Merlin) as Nathan Appleby, a top London psychiatrist who moves to a rural farm that he inherits from his mother. While there, he and his wife Charlotte (Charlotte Spencer), along with several other members of the village, start to experience explainable, other-worldly happens that start to send them all into a frenzy of fear. It is a slow burner but it does go deeper than the surface,  with the complexity of the main characters inner turmoils being fully explored throughout the six episode. Definitely an all-round satisfying watch.

Scream Queens


Scream Queens is a little  bit different to the other entries to this list in the same way that the circus is different to your local graveyard. This slasher series from the creator of American Horror Story takes a stab, pun very much intended, at the genre as a whole, with a plethora of hilarious spoof comedy. Starring Emma Roberts (Scream 4), Abigail Breslin (Zombieland), and the definitive scream queen, Jamie Lee Curtis (Halloween) amoung others, the series follows a group of overly pretentious sorority girls and their group of misfit new recruits as they are stalked by a serial killer dressed as a red devil. The humour is dark, but is also witty and charming, and it has that key ultra-modern vibe that is so important in new horror shows, oh and as I’ve said, it’s got Jamie Lee Curtis, and any horror project with that features her has got to be one worth watching. With the series returning very soon, now would be the perfect time to get caught up.

The Walking Dead


It had to be on this list, the most popular horror show in the world, to be perfectly honest it wouldn’t have been impossible to have the list without it. The post-apocalyptic survival series is a juggernaut in ever sense of the word. The incredibly high quality of the original couple of seasons ensured that it would have a mass, and somewhat rabid following  until it eventually ends. But the end seems to be nowhere in sight for Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his group of survivors, who have arguably been through more at the hands of other human survivors, rather than zombies throughout the course of this show. This is only amplified by the cliffhanger at the end of the previous season. Again, this one returns very soon so if you’re looking to get caught up by the time the new season starts, time is of the essence and the sooner your start, the better.

Was your favourite horror show missed out? Any spooky shows that get you in the mood for Halloween? Have a list idea or review request? Drop them in the comments or go through the contact page on the blog.

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