Kiss – Kiss (Self Titled Album) (1973) – Honest Review

Track Listing:

1 – Strutter (3:11)
2 – Nothin’ to Lose (3:27)
3 – Firehouse (3:18)
4 – Cold Gin (4:21)
5 – Let Me Know (3:00)
6 – Kissin’ Time (3:52)
7 – Deuce (3:06)
8 – Love Theme From KISS (2:25)
9 – 100,000 Years (3:23)
10 – Black Diamond (5:13)


This is the first album review on ThePowerReviews, and for it I have chosen to review one of my favourite albums of all time, from one of my favourite bands of all time. Kiss’ self titled album is my personal favourite of the bands towering discography, it holds several of the bands live staples, and was the perfect start to a legendary career. The main standout tracks on this album are Strutter, Cold Gin, Black Diamond, and Deuce, with all four of those songs ensured a place in almost every Kiss set-list. But it’s not just the standout tracks that draw the listener in, every track on the album is memorable, from Let Me Know to Love These From KISS, there’s even one particular track that fans may remember for the wrong reasons, that of course is Kissin Time. It is the one unsightly smear of faeces on the otherwise perfect rock & roll album, though I do not blame the band for this, as they did not originally wish to include the track on the album, but their record label forced their hand in order to boost low album sales as they believed the song to be catchy, they were wrong. Other than that one dreadful song, there is not much else to complain about, everything about Paul Stanley’s early vocals, Gene Simmons’ early bass lines, Peter Criss’ melodic drumming, and Ace Frehley’s god-given talent for the guitar contribute to, not only the bands best album, but in my opinion, one of the greatest debut albums of all time. Another bonus for this album is that it contains my personal favourite Kiss song, Black Diamond, it was the first Kiss song I ever heard and it made me fall in love with their music, as the albums final track, it also showed off Peter Criss’ amazing vocal talents. This album is honestly a work of art, and for anyone who is yet to listen to it, you’re missing out, I highly recommend this phenomenal debut.

As I did mention, there is one fault with the album, this prevents it from attaining a perfect rating, but it’ll get the next best thing, because thats why the “skip song” button exists, right?

I rate this album: 9.5/10