What is ThePowerReviews?

ThePowerReviews is a pop culture review blog, specialising in five particular categories:

Film Reviews

Film is probably the most popularly reviewed medium, ThePowerReviews joins the trend, not only reviewing the latest released, by many other previously established titles. Countdowns & lists will also be made in regards to some of thepowerreviews favourite, or least favourite films, actors, directors and more.

Television Reviews

By this, I do not mean reviews of actually television sets. I mean television shows, just to avoid any confusion if there is any…
Reviews will only be written on individual episodes, not full seasons. The occasional countdowns & lists will also be made regarding seasons, episodes, actors, and characters from some of thepowerreviews favourite shows.

Wrestling Reviews

I love professional wrestling, just the mere mention of the sport sends me into a child-like frenzy of excitement and conversation. That’s why I feel that it is my duty to criticise every single aspect of it, like your average wrestling fan does. I’ll also be writing lists of  some of my favourite and least favourite things that have happened in the world of pro-wrestling, and I’ll be taking a look at some infamous wrestling botches, and seeing exactly where it all went wrong.

Album Reviews

Everybody likes music, even people with no soul. I’m also aware that not a lot of people like the music that I like, unfortunately for them, those are the only albums I’ll be reviewing here, so if you aren’t a fan of Rock (classic or modern), Metal (classic or modern) or Punk (mainly classic) these album reviews probably aren’t for you. Obviously there will be the occasional inclusion from another genre, but if you’re a fan of the three aforementioned genres, chances are, you’ll enjoy these reviews. I will also be making the occasional list of some of my favourite songs and albums.

Bad Movie Night

Every so often I partake in the viewing of some of the worst disasters in cinema in an attempt to determine whether or not it truly deserves it awful reputation, some aren’t too bad but most are sickeningly bad. I call this Bad Movie Night.
Grading works in three categories:
Not So Bad (Highest)
Pretty Bad (Middle)
Truly Bad (Lowest)