Top 10 Worst Divas/Women’s Champions In WWE History

This Sunday at WWE’s Hell In A Cell pay-per-view, Sasha Banks and Charlotte are going to create history by being the first women in history to compete inside Hell In A Cell, and it is wonderful to look at women’s wrestling and see how far it has come. Of course it wasn’t always this way, and WWE fans have been subject to some truly dreadful female champions over the years, and here are ThePowerReviews ten picks for the worst ever.

10) Nikki Bella


It is true that Nikki Bella has improved in the ring, but that does not save her from inclusion on this list. Her first title reign came at a time when WWE’s women’s division was more or less irrelevant, nevertheless the reign was utterly forgettable to say the least. But it is her second reign that has earned her the place on this list, many believe that Nikki was only given the title in the first place as an attempt to spite Aj Lee, and the same people believe that this was almost certainly the reason that she held the title for such a long amount of time, breaking Lee’s record as longest reigning champion in the process. Others Bella sceptics believe she was given the title purely due to the success of reality show Total Divas, that many still believe portrays the world of womens wrestling in a painfully unrealistic fashion.

 9) Alicia Fox


Now I’m not going to rail on this one too hard, as Fox was the first black Divas Champion and that is incredibly progressive, but at the time, Fox was simply the wrong choice, as it is arguable that Gail Kim should’ve walked away with the title on the night of Fox’s title victory. This was not helped by the fact that at the time, Fox was still very green, and honestly had very little to offer to the dying division. Thankfully Fox has come on leaps and bounds since then, and can pull off one of, if not the finest Norther Lights Suplex I have ever seen.

8) Layla


Layla debuted as part of Extreme Expose on WWE’s ECW reboot, and spoiler alert, she’s not the only one on this list to have done so. She had a reasonable amount of title success in her time with WWE, but for me, the Lay-Cool “piggy James” story-line was enough to kill her character for me during her co-women’s title reign with Michelle McCool, however McCool will not make this list, as she actually went on to become a fairly decent performer. The cruel story-line made it simply impossible to ever take Layla seriously again, which made her run with the Divas title that much more unbearable.

7) Brie Bella


A great woman once said “talent is not sexually transmitted”, and that is certainly the case with Brie Bella, as she shares little-to-none of her bearded husbands glorious talents. What may surprise some people is that Brie captured the title before her twin sister, whats more surprising is that she even won the belt at all. Most people do not even remember her reign, and for good reason, it was one of the most forgettable and meaningless title reigns in perhaps the most forgettable and meaningless periods in women’s wrestling. While Brie did improve vastly in the later years of her career, it is not even to keep her lacklustre run with the butterfly strap off this list.

6) The Kat


Whether you remember her as The Kat, or Miss Kitty it’s safe to say that you don’t remember her ever holding the belt. The Women’s Championship was always supposed to be seen as the more serious of WWE’s female titles in the eyes of the fans, but that theory goes straight out the window when you remember that Stacy Carter won the title in a four corners evening gown pool match. The only reason she isn’t placed higher in the list is the sheer irrelevance of her title reign, and as brutal as that may sound, it is undeniably true.

5) Kelly Kelly


It annoys me that Kelly Kelly got over as much as she did, despite not having any real talent for wrestling at all. She started in the ECW reboot as a literal stripper and built a roaring fan-base of hormonal teenage boys and and sweaty middle aged men. Said fan-base got her such a good reception that she was smashed over and given a Divas championship reign, even besting the simply excellent Beth Phoenix during her tenure with the company. Kelly embodies everything that was wrong with the direction of women’s wrestling and above all else, that has earned her a place on the list.

4) Deborah


The most annoying thing about Deborah as champion was that she was great as a manger, her underhanded tactics as the right hand woman of Jeff Jarrett always generated a great deal of heat. But unfortunately, she was young, blonde, and was not short in the chest department, and this was the only criteria you needed to wrestle in the WWE women’s division in the late 90’s. Deborah would eventually return to management, both as a heel, and later as a face as manager of Stone Cold Steve Austin, who was her real life husband at the time, but those of us who were unfortunate enough to witness her in-ring championship endeavours certainly know that she was far from a mat technician.

3) Sable


In at number three on this list is the real life wife of angry, destructive, man-planet, Brock Lesnar. A lot of Attitude Era fans remember Sable as somewhat of a pioneer for women’s wrestling, but that could not be further from the truth, in fact, I would say that Sable set women’s wrestling back more than anyone. She was the original Playboy Diva, posing on two separate occasions, and paving the way for a generation of talent-less lingerie models, posing as wrestlers. Couple that with the fact that her in ring work was dreadful, constantly looking worried about taking the slightest bump, and the fact that she ruined her former husband Marc Mero’s career, and its not hard to see why Sable comes in so high on this list.

2) Harvey Wippleman


Yes that’s right, for those of you who do not know, MALE manager Harvey Wippleman actually won the WWE Women’s Championship. It does not matter in the slightest that he was in drag when he won it, and it does not matter that he ended The Kat’s title run to achieve it, this is quite honestly just about as low as you can possibly sink in the booking of the women’s division and it would be number one on this list, if it was not for my pure disdain for the top pick.

1) Stephanie McMahon


Here it is, the top pick, and who else could it be? Let me start by saying that Stephanie McMahon is not a wrestler, she has never been a wrestler, she has never learned to wrestle even slightly well and there is no way she would be involved in the industry if her father didn’t own the largest wrestling promotion in the world. Now obviously Stephanie works hard behind the scenes, and I can respect a good work ethic, but it is a very different story when it comes to her in-ring work. She held the Women’s Championship for months on end, despite not actually being able to wrestle at all, and I could’ve put that behind me if she was in any way entertaining during her reign, as her brother Shane often was when he would capture championship gold, however she was not, and she did very little for the title other than robbing it of value, and to be perfectly honest, at that point in time, it didn’t have that much value left to lose.

Did I leave any out? Did your pick for the worst female champion in WWE history miss out on a place? Have a review, list, or countdown request? Drop it in the comment section or go through the blog’s contact page!

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