Top 10 Most Terrifying TV Villains

TV has some truly great villains, whether they are deceptive, disrespectful, or just plain psychotic, they are a huge part of the shows we all know and love, and nothing makes a better villain than having the ability to strike knee weakening, teeth chattering levels of fear, and here are ten of ThePowerReviews favourites. Please remember that this list is purely a matter of opinion, and is obviously going to be somewhat subjective to others.

Oh and just to warn you, there are obviosuly going to be some spoilers along the way.

10) Felicia Tilman – Desperate Housewives


Now before you judge, just hear me out. This woman is the definition of psychopath, she was insistent on uncovering her sisters killer, and was relentless in her pursuit to do so. Doesn’t sound too bad, right? Well in order to ensure he went to prison, she severed two of her fingers and faked her own death, leaving them at the scene of a supposed crime. When she was rumbled several seasons later, she forced her only daughter in to secretly marrying the man, which led to said daughters accidental death. Not content with these two failures, she began poisoning his food with anti-freeze whilst he was vulnerable and grieving for his wife. She also attempted to murder Terri Hatcher’s character, Susan Delphino, in the process. Tilman met her end at the hands of a truck, as her car collided head-on with the much heavier vehicle after she became distracted behind the wheel.

9) Sideshow Bob – The Simpsons


This one is equal parts hilarious and terrifying, but seriously, think about it, this man’s entire life revolves around trying to murder a ten year old child. He has attempted to murder said ten year old, and his family on several occasions, he has tried to frame his former boss for armed robbery, his family are all equally as crazy, and equally as bloodthirsty, and perhaps the most terrifying, he always seems to find a way out of jail. Luckily for Bart Simpson though, Bob will never kill him, because as the most recent addition to the Treehouse Of Horror has proven, he cannot exist without him, and as he once proclaimed, he’s grown a custom to his face. But still, you can’t help but feel a little freaked out during Bob’s iconic pursuit of Bart in the shows “Cape Feare” episode.

8) Ghostface – Scream: The TV Series


Technically this is three different people, but they all portray the same killer, so its going on the list. Fans of the Scream movie franchise will know just how terrifying the killer is, regardless of who is behind the mask, and the TV series is no different. The phone calls, the drawn-out stalking, the mind games, and the signature knife are just some of the things that contribute to the pure fear that comes with Ghostface. While the mask may have changed from the franchise’ movie heyday, the TV series takes a different approach to its origins, making it that of serial killer Brandon James, who is a big part of what motivates the ones behind the mask.

7) Negan – The Walking Dead


Now Negan has not been on the show all that long, which is why he isn’t higher on the list, but fans of the comic will know just what he’s capable of, and just what viewers of the show may be in store for. The opening of the shows seventh season alone is enough to earn him a place on this list, whether it be for smashing the skulls of two beloved characters, or for trying to force Rick into cutting his sons arm off, we truly saw just what kind of person Negan is. This is only emphasised by the little ride he and Rick embark on, the whole “get my axe” sequence helped cement just how much control Negan already has over the survivors, and I have a feeling that Lucille will claim a few more victims before this leather-clad bad guy is through.

6) Ramsey Bolton – Game Of Thrones


What can i say about Ramsey Bolton? The man is pure evil, in every sense of the word. His eyes literally light up when the opportunity of inflicting pain arises. He is a serial killer, a rapist, a mutilator, and an expert in torture. He loves inflicting misery on just about anyone and his skills as a master huntsman only make him that much more dangerous. In his time, Ramsey has robbed Theon of his manhood, raped Sansa Stark on their wedding night, murdered his own father, and impaled Rickon Stark in front of his brother. He represents the dark side of the human race, and in times of moral dilemma, you can ask yourself “would Ramsey do this?” and if the answer is yes, then it is almost certainly a terrible thing to do.

5) Red John – The Mentalist


Now I don’t know a great deal about The Mentalist, but what I do know is that the shows main antagonist is somewhat of a terrifying bastard. Red John is responsible for the murder of Patrick Jane’s family, Mr Jane then makes it his mission in life to bring the crazed killer down. But that task is easier said than done, as Red John proves to be more allusive than a greased weasel, escaping Jane at every turn, and adding to his list of victims every step of the way. This is is made even more terrifying by the signature smiling face he leaves at the scene of all his crimes, as somewhat of a calling card, or perhaps a taunt to the authorities that he so easily avoids. What may be more disturbing is that Patrick Jane is seemingly consumed by the chase, and sees Red John as his intellectual equal, and the game of cat and mouse could not end until one of them met their demise.

4) Bloodyface – American Horror Story: Asylum


Bloodyface is a serial killer spanning two generations, the first generation was Dr Oliver Thredson, a psychiatrist at Briarcliff Mental Asylum with a disturbing love of crafting furniture out of human skin and bones, whats worse though, is that he was the one you least suspected to be behind the mask, and that made it all the more impact during the reveal, as he kidnaps Lana Winters, locks her in his dungeon and rapes her repeatedly. The second generation of the killer is the illegitimate child of that rape, yes, i know, this is bloody horrible, anyway, Lana and Oliver’s illegitimate rape child Johnny Morgan puts on the mask in order to carry on his fathers legacy and hunt down the mother who abandoned him, trust me, if you haven’t seen this, it makes for some pretty disturbing television, and it is undeniably terrifying.

3) The Night King – Game Of Thrones


The scariest thing about this icy customer is the impending sense of doom he brings with him. We have been waiting for The Night King and his unrelenting army of the un-dead to reach Westeros for season after season of Game Of Thrones, but after the shows most recent season, it looks like the White Walkers are finally ready to do battle with all the characters we’ve come to know and love, and at this point you have to wonder, what can stop them? Okay, yes, probably dragons, but I wouldn’t put all my eggs into one basket if I were you, Game Of Thrones is no stranger to throwing curve-balls at its viewers, and many fans are already speculating that the show will just end with the frosty army of the dead consuming the land. Let’s hope that it just remains a mere theory, because that would be bloody depressing.

2) The 456 – Torchwood


The 456 are a particularly nasty breed of alien featured heavily in the third series of the BBC’s Doctor Who spin-off, Torchwood. In the series, entitled “The Children of Earth”, The 456 assume control over the worlds children, making them chant “we are coming” ominously, over and over again until they eventually arrive. After their arrival, it is found out that they intend to take the world children, and drain them of life in an attempt to get high, yes, that’s right, human children were a drug to them, that is honestly terrifying. It’s safe to say that these three headed monsters won’t be making an apprentice on the very PG Doctor Who any time soon.

1) Russell Edgington  – True Blood


This 3000 year old vampire is simply terrifying, not only is he so strong that it is all-but impossible to kill him in combat, but he also has a burning hatred for mankind. At first he is simply power hungry, attempting to take blood of Sookie Stackhouse, and overthrow the vampire authority, but after the death of his husband Talbot, Russell takes things to the next level. He finds his way to an American news station, and pulls a mans spine out live on TV, before delivering a haunting speech on why he hates humans, setting the shows vampire rights movement back for years to come. When he is defeated the first time, he is encased in concrete, but he was released. Edgington would eventually overthrow the vampire authority, but allowed his insanity to get the better of him. In an attempt to kill Sookie Stackhouse for her blood, he became weakened, and met his faith at the hands of Eric Northman. Regardless of his demise, Russell will forever go down as one of TV’s greatest vampires, and is my pick for scariest TV villain of all time.

Did I leave out your favourite terrifying villain? Would you have written the list differently? Have a review request, list, or countdown idea? Drop it in the comment section or send it through the blogs contact page.

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