5 Horror TV Shows To Watch During The Build-Up To Halloween.

Halloween is about a month and a half away, meaning that this is the perfect time to start one of the gruesome, scary, and fearsome horror TV classics to get you in the mood for the hallows.

There have been many horror shows to grace our screens over the years, covering all from the supernatural, to alien abduction, to murder mystery, there has always been something for all horror fans to become immersed in.

And here are five shows that are guaranteed to get you excited for the festivities.

True Blood


This HBO vampire series is so much more than it may seem. Starring Oscar winner Anna Paquin (The Piano), Stephen Moyer (Concussion), and Alexander Skarsgard (The Legend Of Tarzan) among others, this hit show ran for seven years and boasted a Golden Globe win and several other Primetime Emmy nominations. Based on a series of novels by Charlaine Harris, the series follows telepathic waitress Sookie Stackhouse (Paquin), as she falls in love with pale, overly polite, vampire man, Bill Compton (Moyer). The show will take you on an emotional ride as it follows its host of lovable characters as they are tested by the the supernatural world. With not only vampires, but the likes of werewolves, shape-shifters, and demons  all present, this show is witty, seductive, violent, and sometimes emotional, and when you reach its conclusion, it will leave you wanting more. Oh, and it just so happens to have what is, in my opinion, the greatest opening sequence in TV history.

Scream – The TV Series


Based on Wes Cravens slasher film franchise of the same name, I was sceptical at first of how this show would fare, mostly as it was being produced by MTV, the same people who bring us reprehensible tripe like Ex On The Beach. But I am delighted to say I was pleasantly surprised when this fun and exciting series hit our screens in 2015. Much like the films, the series follows the basic premise of a teenage girl and her friends, ruthlessly being hunted by an unknown assailant. Emma Duval (Willa Fitzgerald) and the other Teenagers of Lakewood must find out who is behind the killings, viral videos, and threatening phone calls before time runs out for them all. This ultra-modern show has action, romance, excitement, and a gripping story-line and it is a must see for fans of the slasher genre.

The Living And The Dead


This six part BBC series from the creator of popular police drama Life On Mars is the shortest of all the shows on the list. The series is certainly one for fans of period-drama, but also incorporates huge elements of the supernatural. Starring Colin Morgan (Merlin) as Nathan Appleby, a top London psychiatrist who moves to a rural farm that he inherits from his mother. While there, he and his wife Charlotte (Charlotte Spencer), along with several other members of the village, start to experience explainable, other-worldly happens that start to send them all into a frenzy of fear. It is a slow burner but it does go deeper than the surface,  with the complexity of the main characters inner turmoils being fully explored throughout the six episode. Definitely an all-round satisfying watch.

Scream Queens


Scream Queens is a little  bit different to the other entries to this list in the same way that the circus is different to your local graveyard. This slasher series from the creator of American Horror Story takes a stab, pun very much intended, at the genre as a whole, with a plethora of hilarious spoof comedy. Starring Emma Roberts (Scream 4), Abigail Breslin (Zombieland), and the definitive scream queen, Jamie Lee Curtis (Halloween) amoung others, the series follows a group of overly pretentious sorority girls and their group of misfit new recruits as they are stalked by a serial killer dressed as a red devil. The humour is dark, but is also witty and charming, and it has that key ultra-modern vibe that is so important in new horror shows, oh and as I’ve said, it’s got Jamie Lee Curtis, and any horror project with that features her has got to be one worth watching. With the series returning very soon, now would be the perfect time to get caught up.

The Walking Dead


It had to be on this list, the most popular horror show in the world, to be perfectly honest it wouldn’t have been impossible to have the list without it. The post-apocalyptic survival series is a juggernaut in ever sense of the word. The incredibly high quality of the original couple of seasons ensured that it would have a mass, and somewhat rabid following  until it eventually ends. But the end seems to be nowhere in sight for Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his group of survivors, who have arguably been through more at the hands of other human survivors, rather than zombies throughout the course of this show. This is only amplified by the cliffhanger at the end of the previous season. Again, this one returns very soon so if you’re looking to get caught up by the time the new season starts, time is of the essence and the sooner your start, the better.

Was your favourite horror show missed out? Any spooky shows that get you in the mood for Halloween? Have a list idea or review request? Drop them in the comments or go through the contact page on the blog.

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