5 Highly Anticipated TV Shows Returning Autumn/Fall 2016.

We live in a golden age of television, with an almost endless selection of shows constantly on offer to viewers.

The Spring and Summer provided some truly great TV, with the likes of Game Of Thrones, Scream, The Living and the Dead, American Crime Story, and Mr Robot all putting in a breathtaking effort to please the masses.

But as the title would suggest, the Autumn is once again upon us, and with it comes a variation of TV favourites making their long awaited return to the small screen, and here are five of the most anticipated of said shows.

Modern Family


Season – 8

Returning –¬†September

Arguably the worlds most popular situation comedy, this lovable mockumentary series hits our screens for the eighth time later this month. Only getting better with age, the three families around whom this show is based, never fail to deliver laugh out loud hysterics, and take the shows fans on lighthearted and sometimes emotional journeys. Welcome back, Dunphy-Tucker-Pritchett’s.

The Walking Dead


Season – 7

Returning – October

For many, this AMC smash hit is the most anticipated TV return of the year, not only due to the shows overwhelming popularity, but also due to the monumental cliffhanger the previous season ended on. With fans all over the world anxiously waiting to know who went under the bat, this return is set to be one of the most watched in history, and regardless of the arguable decline in quality that has befallen the show in the last couple of seasons, nobody can deny the sheer magnitude of the following that the show has assembled, and chances are, it will only continue to grow as the years go by.

South Park


Season – 20

Returning – September

Animated comedy fans are treated to a very special milestone this year, as the iconic South Park returns for its twentieth season. The loud, flatulent, hilarious, and sometimes controversial show shows no signs of slowing down any time soon, I would even go as far as to say that the shows last few seasons have been the best that creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have ever produced. The show continues to be the driving force behind all mockery of popular culture and the fans wouldn’t have it any other way. Not bad for a small mountain town, eh?

American Horror Story


Season – 6

Return – September

Perhaps the most exciting thing about this return is the shroud of mystery  surrounding it. With the mysterious and creepy teaser trailers giving us very little insight into what may be in store for fans of this horror anthology series. Every season of the show revolves around a different set of horrific events in a completely different location, and people are chomping at the bit with anticipation to find out what the premise of the sixth season will be. This only intensifies with the shows creator, Ryan Murphy, promising a genuine tie-in with the previous seasons, its not hard to see why AHS fans all over the world are counting down the days to its return.

The Flash


Season – 3

Returning – October

Barry Allen bursts back onto our screens this October with the return of CW’s juggernaut, The Flash. While its sister show, Arrow, almost made the list, The Flash was chosen because it just keeps getting better and better with each passing season. The return of this show is especially needed, after a year of incredibly underwhelming live action DC movies. The beginning of season three is said to pick up three months after Barry changes the timeline at the climax of the previous season, but that’s as far as the information goes at this time. This series personifies the live action DC universe that comic book fans truly deserve, and hopefully they’ll keep getting it for years to come.

Any shows you’re particularly looking forward to that didn’t make the list? Did I miss the return of your favourite show? Have a list idea, or review request? Drop them in the comments or go through the blogs contact page.

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