Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping (2016) – Honest Review

A number of us are familiar with The Lonely Island, they’re the spoof-pop trio that brought us such songs as “Jizzed in My Pants”, “I’m On A Boat” and “We Like Sportz”. But few knew the group were capable of even making a film, let alone this laugh-out-loud musical mockumentary.

I was going into this film as a sceptic, most of the comedy that makes its way onto the big screen is either the generic Adam Sandler tripe, or Dirty Grandpa-esque attempted shock-fests, more concerned on how many putrid sex-puns and mentions of genitalia they can get into 90 minutes than actually making the audience laugh. However I was pleasantly surprised at the unique musical humour on display in the film.

I have always been a fan of mockumentaries, and this one was a perfect, twisted impression of the world of pop music today. Andy Samberg (Cuckoo, Brooklyn Nine-Nine) takes the lead as Conner, a somewhat failing pop star, who was a former member of boy-band The Style Boys, and he plays the role hilariously.

There were odd moments of disgusting humour, which I will leave unmentioned to those who have not seen the film, but there were also a lot of interesting and hilarious cameos from musical personalities such as Ringo Star, Simon Cowell, Usher, Michael Bolton, Paul McCartney, 50 Cent, and more that more than overshadowed the very few negatives.

There’s not all that much more I could say about this movie, as it does not serve a glorious purpose, it’s a short laugh fest, good for viewing with friends, but will not be remembered as a classic, but does that really matter? The film serves it’s purpose, to keep the viewer laughing, and draw them into the story.

I rate this film: 7.5/10


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